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Greetings/Qapla and welcome to the Bushrangers web portal. The Bushrangers have a Federation Fleet and a Klingon Fleet within the Star Trek Online universe.

Federation & Imperial Bushrangers wants all members to have fun while playing Star Trek Online as well as feel they are a part of a community that are building our fleets together. We possess expertise in many areas of game-play from high damage ship builds right through to finding each and every accolade in the game.

The Federation & Imperial Bushrangers Fleets are members of the Access Denied Armada, the Naw'Tem Armada and the Equator Alliance which are a collection of like-minded fleets. We also have agreements in place with the Ausmonauts as well as Starfleet-ST. So when you join us you are joining a large, friendly and helpful community of players who are there for a chat, a team or even to discuss builds and tactics.

For those captains that want more out their fleet experience and are looking to join the command ranks, there are opportunities for you too. Our promotion system gives members opportunities to join our command ranks by contributing to fleet projects and participating in our fleet departments. So there are many ways to advance and you will be helping build up a strong fleet in process.

Federation Bushrangers and Imperial Bushrangers are recruiting for new & veteran players. It doesn’t matter if you play once a month or once a day; PVP or PVE; we have a spot for you. We also specialise in helping brand new players to the game get to the end-game content as efficiently as possible.

Interested in becoming a member or at least seeing more of what we are about? Register on this website and you will gain access to our ever growing database as well as a growing community.


Fleet Admiral/Chancellor

Federation & Imperial Bushrangers


Armada News

Stark_STO atag posted Jul 17, 15

It is with great pleasure that I announce that we have become a member of the "Access Denied" Fleet Armada and the "Naw'Tem" Armada. These fleets are some of the oldest fleets in the game.

This is a great opportunity for us to meet new players and expand the Star Trek Online experience for our members.

There is a cool down period of 24 hours until we are able to contribute to their projects, and them to ours.

I have made contact with some other fleets as well that may be interested in joining us as Gamma fleets.

The following is the common Code of Conduct for Access Denied and Naw'Tem Armadas

 Access Denied/Naw'Tem Armadas Chat Channel Code of Conduct

1.Observe a general "PG-13" demeanour while participating publically in the fleet. Excessive swearing, disrespect, sexual content are not allowed.

2.Fully respect every other member in the chat and behave in a mature manner at all times. This includes, but is not limited to, respectfully chatting with other players, giving positive advice instead of destructive criticism, being fair in inviting to STFs and also suppressing any "elitism" feelings.

3.Access Denied/Naw'Tem Armadas have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy in regards to discrimination. This includes, but is not limited to, any discrimination based on age, sex, race, religion, nationality, sexual identity or orientation, creed, etc.

4.Refrain from any kind of drama. Drama is usually unnecessary, so please do not create any.


Memorandum of Understanding between Armada Partners/Allies

  • Fully respect and follow the agreed Code of Conduct
  • Alpha or beta fleets shall not restrict other fleets growth
  • Fleet leaders/officers of each fleet are responsible for ensuring that Code of Conduct is followed by fleet members
  • There are passive fleets, but we do not encourage totally inactive fleets in this armada and each fleet must do its due diligence for the growth of itself and the Armada as a whole.
  • The alpha fleets do not restrict member movement within the Armada, If a fleet feels they want to restrict member movement it should be done within the fleet itself.
  • Fleets agree to share any intelligence related to banned personal or any "names of trouble makers" with other fleets in the Armada. However, "how" or "if" to take actions regards to these listed people in another fleet is decided by each fleet individually.

Thunzok   registered to Bushrangers
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