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Greetings and welcome to the Federation Bushrangers web portal. Federation Bushrangers is Federation Fleet in the Star Trek Online universe.

Federation Bushrangers wants all members to have fun while playing Star Trek Online as well as feel they are a part of a community that is building our fleet together instead of being a part of one that is already built and established. We already possess expertise in many areas of game-play from high damage ship builds right through to finding each and every accolade in the game.

Federation Bushrangers are a member of the Equator Alliance which is a collection of like-minded fleets. So when you join us you joining a large, friendly and helpful community of players who are there for a chat, a team or even to discuss builds and tactics.

For those captains that want more out their fleet experience and are looking to join command ranks, there are opportunities for you too. Our promotion system gives members opportunities to join our command ranks by contributing to fleet projects and participating in our fleet departments. So there are many ways to advance and you will be helping build up a strong fleet in process.

Federation Bushrangers are recruiting for new & veteran players. It doesn’t matter if you play once a month or once a day; PVP or PVE; we have a spot for you. We also specialise in helping brand new players to the game get to the end-game content as efficiently as possible.

Interested in becoming a member or at least seeing more of what we are about? Register on this website and you will gain access to our ever growing database as well as a growing community.

Fleet Admirals Stark_STO & Snipey47a


Wilson I like the magpie
mcintoan tag i rather the Magpie take a swipe at my head than a Hawk...
snipey47a atag We don't have hawks in Australia who attack us during spring time. Magpies do.
Check out the new Borg STF (a bloody hard one) in Advanced (no, not even elite) in this forum thread here

Screenshot Comptetion

snipey47a atag posted Sep 6, 14
Screenshot Competition

Check out the forum post here


snipey47a atag posted Aug 14, 14

Join the Section 31 team to learn how to beat the No Win Scenario. Attending training will earn you the fleet award titled Red Squadron. But if you get good enough to beat the No Win Scenario you will earn the fleet award of Nova Squadron and 387 fleet marks richer!
Familiarize yourself with the mission first and set up a ship using this guide and the mark up your attendance in the fleet calendar.  
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